Thursday, December 1, 2016

Recorded talk about destructuring in Clojure (in Spanish)

I recently started to work at Codesai.

Some members of the team wanted to learn Clojure, so we started a small Clojure/ClojureScript study group.

We created a slack called clojuresai where I'm posting some readings (we're reading Clojure for the Brave and True) and exercises (we're working through a selection of exercises from 4Clojure) each week and where they can ask doubts about the exercises and readings, and comment things they find interesting.

Some colleagues from the Clojure Developers Barcelona meetup that are beginning to learn clojure have also joined the study group.

Now and then, we do introductory talks using Google Hangouts (Codesai's team is distributed) to go deeper in some of the topics they've just read in the book.

So far we've done two talks. The first one was about Clojure collections. Unfortunately, we didn't record it, but you can find the examples we used here.

Today we did a second remote talk. This time it was about destructuring in Clojure, and since some of the members of the study group members weren't able to make it, we decided to record it.

This is the resulting video:

You'll find the examples we used in this previous post.

I'd like to especially thank Ángel and Magento Barcelona for letting me do the talk today from their office (their internet connection is much better than mine).

Recently, Miguel de la Cruz (thanks a million Miguel!!) has joined our study group as a tutor. He knows a lot of Clojure so he will help answering doubts and giving some talks that we'll hopefully share with you soon, as well.

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