Thursday, September 20, 2012

Articles and Posts read

Hacking Sushi
Smile or Die, Barbara Ehrenreich
Here's why consistency is terribly overrated in corporate education

Learning and software craftsmanship
The secret to understanding recursion
Understanding recursion II
I'm a phony. Are you?
This code is a mess. Let’s start from scratch again…
TDD for legacy code, graphics code, and legacy graphics code?
Cleaning bad code
Just Shut Up
Dogfooding: how to build a great API
If you treat your unit tests like garbage, they'll eventually become just that.
Back To Basics #2 - Close Customer Involvement Is Key
Fabrice Bellard: Portrait of a Superproductive Programmer
Architectural Drivers
When Is It Safe to Introduce Test Doubles?
Back To Basics #3 - Software Development Is A Learning Process
Back To Basics #4 - Do The Important Stuff First
Introverts in the Office: How to Work Well in an Extrovert's World
Abuse Cases
Re-Pair Programming
Productivity porn
On Vagueness

Agile and LEan
The best approach to software development
El cliente NO siempre lleva la razón
The Irony of Waterfall
Your Path through Agile Fluency
Agile Fluency

Entrepreneurship and Management
Healthy Debates
Emprendedor, para bien o para mal, eres español
Qué pasará si trabajamos más años...
The Cubicle Dilemma
Los negocios que mejor resisten las crisis tienen el local en propiedad
From Outsourced, to Offshore … and Back Again.
Por qué me empeño en cambiar el meme sobre los empresarios
Today is Goof Off at Work Day

A comparison of C++11 language support in VS2012, g++ 4.7 and Clang 3.1
Is C/C++ worth it?

Two Solitudes (talk)
Si te vas a poner en serio a investigar algo… antes tienes que leer esto (y si eres un POLÍTICO también)
IEEE Computing in Science and Engineering
What is life like for PhDs in computer science who go into industry?

Spain and Europe
Iceland Was Right, We Were Wrong: The IMF
Corporate Profits Just Hit An All-Time High, Wages Just Hit An All-Time Low
México, un país de oportunidades para jóvenes españoles cualificados
Soberanismo e Inversión Extranjera
Las luces se apagan en Atenas

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Resources for Growing Object-Oriented Software Guided by Tests (GOOS)

I've been reading Growing Object-Oriented Software Guided by Tests during August. It's a great book.

I've also started to read some of the articles mentioned in the book and to watch talks in which the authors talked about some of the topics treated in the book. These links are included in several posts in this blog.

When I found out that there was a reading club with people interested in the book, the path11 book club, I thought that I could help by collecting in a single post all the posts containing related resources that I've posted so far.

So here they go:

I hope they will be useful.