Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Some resources for Specification By Example and Behavior-Driven Development

Last Monday I attended the second event of Barcelona Software Craftsmanship.

Viktor Farcic and Jordi Falguera gave a talk about Specification By Example (SBE) and Behavior-Driven Development (BDD).

I really did like the talk, especially because it was enriched with their own experiences applying SBE in different projects.

For some people in the audience SBE was not a completely new concept, for some others it was. In either case, the topic generated a lot of interest and many questions.
Those who were already using it wanted to hear about a different approach to it (there are probably as many approaches as teams and projects).
Those who were just starting or planning to use it in their projects, were more interested in practical how-tos, ways to overcome possible obstacles and other stories from the trenches. The same goes for the people (like me) that knew about SBE through Godjko Adzic's great book or have heard or read about it in talks or posts.
Finally, I could imagine the brains of the people hearing about it for the first time, churning wildly, like mine was when I started to read Godjko Adzic's book, imagining how SBE could impact their projects, thinking in all the possibilities opening before them and in how they could get there.

To sum up when the talk ended, we were left wanting for more.

For that reason I'd like to share in this post several interesting links that I have come across while learning about SBE, so that, they can help other people interested in it to learn more and to compare some of the different approaches and tools that exist for SBE.

Dan North's original BDD post: Introducing BDD
and its great What’s in a Story? post.


PS: The great thing it's that Viktor and Jordi have proposed a BDD Workshop on March 3, 2014, so that we can practice how to write specifications.


  1. Hi Manuel,

    perhaps it would help if we could have a practical workshop about applying BDD, especially using the predefined steps approach.

    Thanks for your comments! We were glad to participate in there :).


    1. Looking forward to the BDD Workshop next March.
      Thank you very much to you too for your talk
      Best regards,