Sunday, February 9, 2014

My path to Clojure: Intro

As I'm doing with JavaScript, I'm going to start recording my Clojure learning path.

Where am I?
I'm a complete beginner in Clojure but I've been playing for a while with Racket (another Lispy language) in these two Coursera courses: So let's say that the parentheses don't make me fell dizzy anymore :)

I really enjoyed working with Racket in these two courses. I wanted to learn more Racket but I had also been hearing a lot of good things about Clojure, so I didn't know which one to choose. Then I watched this great conversation between Rich Hickey and Brian Beckman: Inside Clojure and I made my mind to start learning Clojure.

At the moment I'm reading this book by Stuart Halloway and Aaron Bedra: I'm also attending the Clojure Developers Barcelona meetup.

So let's the Lisp cycles continue forever, I'll keep you posted on any news.

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