Saturday, June 17, 2017

Course: Introduction to CSS3 on Coursera

My current client is Green Power Monitor (GPM) which is a company based in Barcelona specialized in monitoring renewable energy power plants and with clients all over the world.

I'm part of a team that is developing a new application to monitor and manage renewable energy portfolios. We use C# and F# in the back-end and ClojureScript in the front-end.

I'm in the front-end team. We're developing a challenging SPA with lots of data visualization which has to look really good.

We're taking advantage of Om (a ClojureScript interface to React), core.async and ClojureScript to be more productive.

In other teams I've been before, there were different people doing HTML & CSS and programming JavaScript. That's not the case in GPM. We are responsible not only of programming but also of all the styling of the application. We are using SASS.

For me, not having done CSS before, it was a big challenge. I dreaded every time I had to style a new Om control I had programmed. My colleagues Jordi and Andre have helped me a lot (thanks guys!). However I wanted to get more productive to be more independent and use less of their time, so I decided to do a CSS3 course.

I did the Introduction to CSS3 course from the University of Michigan. I learned how to use CSS3 to style pages focusing on both proper syntax and the importance of accessibility design. I really liked Colleen van Lent's classes and how she encourages to experiment and make messes to learn. Thanks Collen!

After the course I'm starting to be able to style my controls with less trial and error and having to ask less doubts to Jordi and Andre.

Learning CSS3 and doing all the styling myself is helping me to become a bit more rounded as a front-end developer.

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