Sunday, August 3, 2014

Using jQuery Validation plugin with a custom rule and HTML5 data attributes

This is a small example from something I did recently at work.

We needed to apply some custom validation rules to some form fields using the jQuery Validation Plugin.

The decision of which fields were contained in a given form was taken dynamically, so instead of dynamically creating a rules object to pass it to the validate method, we decided to use HTML5 data attributes.

In the following example, I'll show you a way to do it.

Imagine that we'd like to validate that the first name introduced in a form is a palindrome.

To do it you could add a custom rule palindrome to the jQuery Validation plugin using its addMethod method and then validate the form, as shown in this JavaScript code:

In the form we can refer to this custom rule using HTML5 data attributes:

We used data-rule-palindrome="true" to state that the fname field must contain a palindrome and data-msg-palindrome="Please your name must be a palindrome" to set the message that is shown in case it's not a palindrome.

In a nutshell, using jQuery Validation plugin with a custom rule and HTML5 data attributes is as easy as adding a custom rule with addMethod and then adding in the field you want to validate with the custom rule:
  • data-rule + custom_rule_name="true" to apply the rule to a given field
  • data-msg- + custom_rule_name = "message" to set the error message

I hope you might find this useful

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