Saturday, August 2, 2014

Exercism: Revisiting "Grains in Clojure"

Recently I solved the Grains problem using a home-made stream both using Clojure and Racket (check the the Clojure's solution and the Racket's solution).

As I said then, the solution in Clojure was not idiomatic at all. I just wanted to write a stream in Clojure similar to the ones I had studied in the Coursera Programming Languages course.

This new version is a much more simple and Clojurist way of solving the same problem using the iterate function:

The iterate function generates a lazy sequence containing the number of grains in each square. The square and total functions realize that lazy sequence to get the content of a given square and the sum of the 64 squares of the chess board, respectively.

You can nitpick my solution here or see all the exercises I've done so far in this repository.

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