Saturday, February 16, 2013

Practicing Django and TDD

I'm learning to use the Django framework.

Since my experience so far has been mostly with physical simulations and desktop applications, learning Django is quite a challenge to me. Let's say it's out of my confort zone... Besides, I'd like not only to learn Django but also to use good development practices while I'm at it.

At the moment, I'm following Harry Percival's Test-Driven Django Tutorial.
I'm also refactoring the code to get rid of fixtures using the FactoryBoy app.

You can find what I've done so far in this repository: PracticingDjangoTDD
I've tried to commit in small steps and added links to some materials and blog posts that helped me to understand both what Harry Percival did and to refactor the code.

Feedback and orientation to improve is more than welcome.
Finally, I'd like to thank Harry for sharing this great tutorial.

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