Sunday, February 3, 2013

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Learning and software craftsmanship
Passing out the final exam on day one
Arquillian Invasion!
Books on Software Design
How to become IT Talent
Top down, bottom up
Callbacks considered a smell
Just build things
Behavioral Economics and Code
The Wrong Notion of Time
Why Ruby Class Methods Resist Refactoring
Tips for learning regular expressions
The Mind-killer
Always TDD, Except When You Shouldn't
Technical Debt – when do you have to pay it off?
Patterns as a source of freedom
Be a driver not a passenger

Agile and Lean
Deadlines Kill

C++ benchmark – std::vector VS std::list
C++ benchmark – std::vector VS std::list VS std::deque

Learning JavaScript – Up to Speed in No Time

Three new Python books

Entrepreneurship and Management
Infografía: Los sueldos de los ingenieros de software en Silicon Valley
Free Apps – How to Make Money Giving Apps Away
Don’t Pay to Train an App Developer
How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Mobile App?
Getting People to Throw Money At You
Convirtiendo un país en líder mundial en innovación y creación de startups

Software Development in Spain
Lo que no deberíais hacer si redactáis requisitos. Caso práctico: el pliego de la web del senado
11 things we learned (part 1)
11 things we learned (part 2)

Spain and Europe
El 27% de los españoles estaban en riesgo de pobreza o exclusión social en 2011
El Gasto No Financiero de las Comunidades Autónomas disminuye un 5%

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