Saturday, February 18, 2012

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Inspiring and Interesting
"Te sangran los dedos y disfrutas del sufrimiento"
Last of the Cave People by Mark Jenkins National Geographic
Mix, Match, Morph. How to Build a Dog by Evan Ratliff National Geographic

Learning and Software Craftsmanship
How much practice is too much?
Aging brains don't necessarily fade - they adapt
Seven things highly productive people do
Be the worst
How Employers Can Help Solve the Skills Gap
Enhance Metacognition and Problem-Solving by Talking Out Loud to Yourself
Discipline in Software Development and in Life
The aim of architecture
Do not comment. Assert it!
Osmius: Evaluación Final
The programming assembly-line

No BS, from BS
Accessing Configuration Data
Watch Out For Multipletons
Start Big?
C++ Dudes To Follow
The Language Of The Language
Fully Qualified

Agile and Lean
El MVP es un experimento, no una chapuza

Spain and Europe 
Hagamos un caldo con la gallina de los huevos de oro 
Cómo ayudar y no estorbar a la ola de emprendedores
Queridos Españoles, ¡no os equivoquéis de batalla!
Reforma Laboral
Atrapados en el norte
The Battle For Spanish Society
Upside Down and Inside Out Thinking – The Battle For Spanish Society Part Three
Crear una empresa en 3 horas por 71 euros
¿Qué implica abrir una empresa en Londres?
Sin el Hartz IV el índice de paro en Alemania superaría el 15%.

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