Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Agile Education

I love Angela's blog My Agile Education.

I think the best description for this blog is Angela's one:
"As far as I know, no one offers a university degree in Agile software development. Since I'm an unschooler by nature, that's ok with me. I'm learning to write software, understand Agile principles, and connect those things to business. This website is for me to learn, and to process and record some of that learning.
And maybe you can do some teaching and learning, too."
The structure of the blog is the following:
  1. She asks a question, expressing her doubts about some concept or technique.
  2. A lot of people from the Agile community answer her, and this way, a profound and interesting debate is started.
I found these debates really informative and worth to read.

There are two other things about this blog that I consider specially interesting:
  • How career switching at a mature age is a more usual phenomenon in USA than here in Spain. I think that it's a great thing and that people switching careers can give a lot to their new fields. I wonder if this type of blog would be so successful here.
  • The amount of people who are able to go on as developers in their forties, fifties and sixties without having to switch to some management job.
To conclude, I'd like to thank Angela for letting us follow her Agile education and giving us an opportunity to learn with her and her community of mentors.

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