Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How to install JsonCpp in Ubuntu and use it in Eclipse CDT

You need to follow these instructions (I slightly modified this installing guide for Mac OS X) to install JsonCpp in Ubuntu and use it from Eclipse:

1. Download JsonCpp from here.

2. Create a new folder decompress and extract JsonCpp there:
$ mkdir /home/youruser/JsonCpp
$ tar xzf /home/youruser/JsonCpp/jsoncpp-src-0.5.0.tar.gz

3. Donwload the SCONS software construction tool from here and decompress and extract it in the jsoncpp-src-0.5.0 folder.
$ tar xzf /home/youruser/JsonCpp/jsoncpp-src-0.5.0/scons-local-1.3.0.tar.gz

4. Copy the contents of scons-local-1.3.0 inside jsoncpp-src-0.5.0

5. Go to jsoncpp-src-0.5.0 and build JsonCpp using SCONS:
$ cd /home/youruser/JsonCpp/jsoncpp-src-0.5.0
$ python scons.py platform=linux-gcc check

5. Install the JsonCpp library and header files:
$ sudo cp /home/youruser/JsonCpp/jsoncpp-src-0.5.0/libs/linux-gcc-4.4.5/libjson_linux-gcc-4.4.5_libmt.so /usr/lib
$ sudo mkdir /usr/include/jsoncpp
$ sudo cp /home/youruser/JsonCpp/jsoncpp-src-0.5.0/include/json/* /usr/include/jsoncpp/

6. Finally open your Eclipse project, go to Project -> Properties -> C/C++ Build -> Settings -> GCC C++ Linker -> libraries and add json_linux-gcc-4.4.5_libmt.

That's all you need to start using JsonCpp in Eclipse


  1. Thank you very very very much, I'm actually writing this before even testing your tutorial, just so happy that I found something about the subject!

  2. Hi,
    thanks again for this article, it was really very helpful! I tested your example code in the other article and I had no problem. But I have a question, why did we have to add the library name to the linker in Eclipse while we already installed it ?

    Another question if I may, the name for my case was : json_linux-gcc-4.6_libmt, I assumed I had to "guess" it from : libjson_linux-gcc-4.6_libmt.so, but I have no idea what all this is about, could you please point me to a link where I can read more about the subject ?

    Again, thanks a lot, you saved me hours of search since I was getting lost in the documentation, and precise articles like yours are a gift!

    1. I'm glad the post was helpful for you.
      As soon as I have a bit of time, I'll try to answer your questions.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I have done all the steps and successfully complted but when I compile my code it is showing "fatal error: json/json.h: No such file or directory" although the jsoncpp file is there in /usr/include path.How to solve this problem?please help me.