Saturday, May 28, 2011

Video talks and lectures at work so far

A couple of months ago we started a new initiative at work.

I had read Dan North's post about Deliberate Discovery, and had been struck by the idea of learning as the main constraint in a project and the concept of second order of ignorance.

I thought that technical conferences and talks could be a possible way for us to improve. Unfortunately we can't afford to invite people to talk before our team on a regular basis as Google does.

So the idea was to take advantage of the internet and the kindness of people who had shared their talks or lectures online, and, at least, watch them on video. It surely was not like the real thing, but still it was better than nothing. After each talk, if there was time, we could debate about what we had seen.

So I commented it to a work colleague and we asked our boss if we could do it.
He agreed and this way we started the PELE Developers Tech Talks.

These talks are meant to be an informal way of learning about technology and best practices that might be relevant to our project.

So far we've seen the following videolectures:
  1. Debt metaphor by Ward Cunningham.
  2. Technical Debt by Anthony Eden.
  3. The Clean Code Talks: Unit Testing by Misko Hevery
  4. The Clean Code Talks: Don't Look For Things! by Misko Hevery.
  5. The Clean Code Talks: Global State and Singletons by Misko Hevery.
  6. How to design a good API and why it matters by Joshua Bloch.
  7. The Clean Code Talks: Inheritance, Polymorphism & Testing by Misko Hevery.
  8. PatternCraft: Strategy Pattern by John Lindquist.
  9. MIT OCW Multicore Programming Primer, Lesson 5: Parallel Programing Concepts.

Any suggestion about other interesting videolectures would be appreciated.

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