Wednesday, November 2, 2016


I'm very happy to announce that I've joined Codesai's team.

Many reasons made my path converge with Codesai's one.

First of all, the people in Codesai.
I met Carlos in 2011, because he was teaching the first TDD course I attended. Carlos is a humble and honest person that tries very hard to make sure his actions match what he believes. Later I've known him as a quiet, open-minded leader who is always willing to listen what other people have to say, and this permeates the whole Codesai team. During the last two years, I had the opportunity to meet most of Codesai's apprentices. They are very enthusiastic and eager to learn. I had great fun participating with them in some Software Craftsmanship Gran Canaria events and talking about code and life in general in Codesai's apartment.

I share Codesai's values and feel very confortable with their culture and communication style because the team creates a healthy and safe environment which respects the diversity of its members and the debate of ideas.

I met the rest of the team last week during Codesai's summit (aka #flejesai16) and it was a confirmation that I'm in the right place.

Second, the opportunity to learn from experienced XP practicioners.
I've been developing software for 6 years now. I've learned a lot, most of it by reading books, practising on my own, attending courses and from colleagues, both from the community and at work. However, I felt the need of having a mentor, because I think I'll learn more and better than if I keep working on my own. I've found some great mentors in Codesai who acknowledge that I need a safe environment to get experience step by step.

Finally, the last reason is more personal.
I live in Barcelona but I'm from Canary Islands. Codesai is a remote-first team but the core of Codesai's team is currently in my hometown in the Canary Islands. So being a part of Codesai also gives me the chance of visiting my family more often.

So far I'm enjoying the Codesai experience a lot.

I think we'll keep on evolving as a team and do great things.

Thanks a million for letting me in!


  1. I really appreciate your kind words my friend. We're all very happy and enthusiastic about this big change in our team, this will certainly impact in our careers and lives. Looking forward to learn from you mate, thank you :-D


    1. As I said, thanks to all of you for letting me in :)

  2. Best wishes and congratulations. I'm sure you are a perfect fit.

  3. Eh, those are awesome news, Congrats!!!

  4. Really happy for both you and Codesai's people, Manuel :-) Congratulations and enjoy the experience!!

  5. Congratulations, it looks like an awesome team and wonderful people to work with. Hope to meet you soon!