Thursday, September 8, 2016

Mob Kata: Cellular Automata in Clojure

At this week's Clojure Developers Barcelona meetup, we did the Cellular Automata kata in Clojure.

We did mob programming and used a mix of TDD and RDD.

This is the code we wrote:

First, the tests using Midje for the rules 30 and 90:

and the tests for the evolution and rendering of automata:

This is the corresponding code for the rules:

and for the automaton evolution and rendering:

Printing on the REPL the result of rendering the Rule 90 automaton evolution during 15 steps, we obtain a nice Sierpinski triangle :

You can find the code in this GitHub repository.

As usual, it was a pleasure to meet and program with Clojure Developers Barcelona members.

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