Monday, August 15, 2016

Kata: Bank Account in Clojure using outside-in TDD with Component and Midje

I did the Printing Account Statement subset of the Bank Account kata in Clojure using Component and Midje.

I started the kata in a Barcelona Clojure Developers event.

The truth is that, since I was learning how to use the Component library, I didn't use TDD.

Instead I worked on the REPL to get everything in place and make it work.

Then I wrote the tests I would have liked to write if I had used outside-in TDD with Midje.

I find that, when I'm learning something new, it works better for me what Brian Marick describes in these tweets: Now I'll show you the tests I actually wrote afterwards, in the order I would have written them doing outside-in TDD.

This is the acceptance test I would have started with:

Then I would have written this unit test for Account:

And these are the ones for InMemoryTransactions, ConsoleStatementPrinter and NiceReverseStatementFormat:

You can check the rest of the tests and code in this GitHub repository.

Doing this kata I learned and practiced how to use Component.

I also learned how to use Midje's defrecord-openly and provided macros to mock protocols which helped me correct something I did wrong in another kata.

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