Saturday, January 17, 2015

Clojure Developers Barcelona: Reverse Polish Notation Calculator kata

Last Tuesday I facilitated a kata for the Clojure Developers Barcelona Group hosted by Akamon.

We've been doing several Clojure katas and talks during the last two months within a small study group (mainly composed of people who work in Akamon) as a preparation to bring back to life the Clojure Developers Barcelona Group.

This kata was the first one we did as Clojure Developers Barcelona Group.

We did the Reverse Polish Notation Calculator kata which is a very nice kata to practice.

Although 10 people had RSVPed that they were coming, in the end we were seven people: 4 Akamon workers, 2 people non-related to Akamon (a second-timer and a newcomer) and me. We formed 3 pairs and worked in the kata from 18:30 to 21:00.

I had a great time facilitating the kata, solving doubts and talking about Clojure.

If you like you can share your solution in the Clojure-Barcelona Google+ community. At the moment of writing this post, you'd find there two solutions: Rafa's and mine.

To finish I'd like to thank Akamon for hosting our events and all the attendants (Jorge, Jordi, Sergi, Álvaro, Rafa and Eloi) for their enthusiasm to learn and share in an afternoon of Clojure.

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