Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Kata: Conway's Game of Life in Clojure

Last Saturday I attended the Global Day of Code Retreat in Zaragoza where I had a great time practicing with other kindred spirits.

Today I did a version of Conway's Game of Life in Clojure having in mind some of the ideas I took home from the code retreat.

These are the resulting tests using Midje:

and this is the code:

When I have some more time and learn more Clojure, I'd like to make it configurable to change the geometry of the game and its rules using different versions of the neighbors, will-go-on-being-a-cell? and will-be-a-cell? functions.

I did another version of Conway's Game of Life in Java some time ago which could be configured in that manner.

I used a mix of TDD and REPL-driven development to solve it.

I commited the code after every passing test and every refactor. I also commited the tiny tests and spikes I did on the REPL.

If you want to follow the process, you can find the commits step by step here.

You can also find the resulting code in GitHub.

Thanks to all the colleagues from Zaragoza!

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