Sunday, June 29, 2014

Exercism: "Nucleotide count in Clojure"

This is my solution to the Nucleotide count problem in Clojure:

The code is very similar to the one for the Word count exercise. The main difference is that here I used a set to validate that the given nucleotide is valid.

I eliminated the duplication between the set and the map contents in this second version:

where I defined a set containing only DNA nucleotides, dna-nucleotides, that I used to define the nucletides set using conj. This dna-nucleotides set served to generate the counted-nucleotides map using the zipmap function.

Trying to avoid duplication I discovered several new things about Clojure.

You can nitpick my solution here or see all the exercises I've done so far in this repository.



After learning some new stuff, I've been able to simplify the code a bit more:

It turned out that the frequencies function already did the counting out of the box, I jut needed to merge it with the result for an empty strand to make frequencies output conform with what the tests were expecting.

I also made the dna-nucleotides and nucleotides sets private.

You can nitpick this new version here.

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