Thursday, December 26, 2013

MOOCs: Programming Languages in Coursera

Two weeks ago I finished this great Coursera course by Dan Grossman from the University of Washington:

In this course we learned many of the basic concepts behind programming languages, with a strong emphasis on the techniques and benefits of functional programming.
We used three programming languages, ML, Racket, and Ruby, in order to learn learn key issues in designing and using programming languages, such as modularity and the complementary benefits of static and dynamic typing.

Dan did a great work on the videos to explain very clearly some hard concepts such as pattern matching, thunks, promises, streams, currying or partial applications. The challenging set of weekly assignments helped me a lot to digest the materials.

This course was at the same time a challenge and a great experience. As one of the course mates said on the forum:
"This course opens your mind... It's exciting! (And annoying sometimes haha)".
I can't agree more. This course was tough and challenging. Some weeks I even thought I wouldn't be able to finish the assignment. You had only two submissions per assignment and only one timed opportunity per exam. It's been probably the toughest course I've taken so far in Coursera, but at the same time it's also been the most rewarding one.

I'm very proud and happy to have been able to complete it and I've learned a lot about functional programming and a bit about object oriented programming. I think it's made me a better programmer.

To finish, I'd like to thank Dan, his team and Coursera for making this great course possible.

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