Sunday, September 8, 2013

Interesting Panel: "Commenting TDD, where did it all go wrong"

This week I watched this great panel commenting Ian Copper's talk TDD, where did it all go wrong:
After watching Ian Cooper's talk a month ago, we started to try to bring together some of the more experienced members of Aprendices to form a panel in which they could debate about the ideas in the talk.

In the end a group of Spanish experienced TDD-practitioners joined the panel to share their experiences in TDD, BDD, design and many other things.

Thank you very much from here to all of them: Luis Artola, Miguel Angel Fernández, Enrique Amodeo, Guillermo Pascual, Javier Acero, Ricardo Borillo and Eduardo Ferro.
Also many thanks to Jaume Jornet for kindly taking the moderator role.

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