Saturday, July 20, 2013

Articles and Posts read

"Somos naturaleza. Poner al dinero como bien supremo nos conduce a la catástrofe"
Operating the Bombe: Jean Valentine's story

Everything old is new again
Why Innovators Get Better With Age

Learning and software craftsmanship
Case Studies on Benefits of TDD
El camino a un mejor programador
Bad Advice: “Stop Working So Hard”
Kent Beck on Implementation Patterns
SOLID principles and TDD
Effective Learning for Developers
Review: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs - 2nd Edition by Abelson and Sussman
Orden y Concierto
The Quiet Revolution in Programming
14 lessons after five years of professional programming
Evaluating new frameworks, libraries and technologies
Classic Software Testing Mistakes
About Kent Beck’s Stepping Stone strategy
Protected variation: the importance of being closed
On the Criteria To Be Used in Decomposing Systems into Modules

Why Are There So Many C++ Testing Frameworks?
C/C++ Scientific Programming Libraries and Tools
C plus plus Behaviour Driven Development tools
Learning Modern C++: An Interview with Barbara Moo
Ten C++11 Features Every C++ Developer Should Use

Which Java web framework to choose? The client- vs server-centric story

Entrepreneurship and Management
16 ways to torture developers
Avoiding Innovation Debt

Spain and Europe
El bipartidismo no toca fondo
Monarquía o república
El sistema electoral y el bipartidismo cimentan la corrupción en España
La pobreza infantil no es inevitable
Viñeta de El Roto del 3 de abril de 2013
El fondo de las pensiones ya tiene el 97% del dinero invertido en deuda española

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