Thursday, June 27, 2013

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La gigantesca hazaña de un humilde abogado
Why I Hacked Donkey Kong for My Daughter
How to be invincible
Interview with Sacha Chua
Every Day Can Be A Starting Point: Make a New Beginning

Innovative Minds Don’t Think Alike
El valor de los bitcoins se dispara un 57% en una semana

Learning and software craftsmanship
Motivated to learn?
Top down, bottom up
Towards mastery: deliberative practice, flow and personality traits
The Open-Closed Principle, in review
Trust and the tiranny of choice
Some things I've learnt about programming
Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests by Steve Freeman and Nat Pryce, Review
Some myths of 'Textbook-TDD', and why they are wrong
Developing instinct
Which Unit Test is correct? They both test the same thing in different ways
Testing on the Toilet: Testing State vs. Testing Interactions
A Test of Knowledge
Effective Steps to reduce technical debt: An agile approach
State vs Interaction Based Testing
Basic principles that will help you write better code
Why shorter methods are better
Virtual Panel: Code-to-Test Ratios, TDD and BDD
Why your IoC container could be a pain for you, young Padawan
Personality vs experience
What kind of a software engineer do you want to be known as?
Expertise, the Death of Fun, and What to Do About It
Event-Driven Programming: Introduction, Tutorial, History
Protected variation: the importance of being closed
On the Criteria To Be Used in Decomposing Systems into Modules

blaze-lib, A high performance C++ math library
The Biggest Changes in C++11 (and Why You Should Care)
More C++ Idioms
C/C++ Scientific Programming Libraries and Tools
C++ Programming WikiBook
Functional Programming in C++

Strategy Design Pattern in Javascript
Separating from the DOM, a JavaScript Story: XI to Eye
BDD applied to JavaScript RIAs
JavaScript Unit Tests: Jasmine vs Mocha

Python Koans
The pony I really want: a good signals tutorial

Agile and Lean
Agile Teams Are Neglecting Design
11 Agile Myths and 2 Truths

Entrepreneurship and Management
Sorry Google; you can Keep it to yourself
A note on working hours and working at home
Engineers Suck at Finding the Right Jobs
Great Employees Are Not Replaceable
Guiding newbie toward productivity
Titles are Toxic

El mayor proyecto neurocientífico de la historia

Portraits by Hong Yi

Spain and Europe
Tres millones de personas en pobreza extrema
La protesta llama a su puerta
Mascota para los JJOO 2020 rechazada
Arte en Berlín: ¿el fin de una era?
Más desigualdad, más miseria
Una crisis de novela
Chávez y Yeltsin
Los miniempleos son una amenaza para las mujeres en Alemania

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