Saturday, March 16, 2013

Articles and Posts read

Two More Ways to Live Independent

Learning and software craftsmanship
Passive View
You Are Not Paid To Write Software
The Parnas Extraction
Entrevista a Robert C. Martin
Understanding your own code
Just when I thought I was beginning to understand...
Project start: what to do after first accept. test?
Hexagonal Rails – Introduction
Hexagonal Rails: Objects, Values and Hexagons
Hexagonal Django
Functional Programming Is Hard, That's Why It's Good
Introducing BDD
Robolectric 2.0 alpha 1
My Education in Machine Learning via Coursera, A Review So Far

BDD Style Unit Testing in C++
Hyped And Valueless
String Calculator Kata in C++

JavaScript Code Complexity Visualization
Two Years of Wandering Headlessly
BDD applied to JavaScript RIAs

Agile and Lean
La importancia del ritmo sostenible
Presupuestos ágiles
Help! My Business Model Sucks

Entrepreneurship and Management
Management principle from Dune
Taking payments online (in Europe) in 2013
El precio justo
The High Cost of Interruptions
Hay emprendedores perdiendo su proyecto por usar malas prácticas software
Las diferencias de emprender en España y en Europa
Managing through disagreement
A compass is not a map
Why programmers work at night
Maker's schedule, Manager's schedule
Contra viento y marea

Software Development in Spain
Da igual que hagas mal software, al final… nunca pasa nada

Computer files stored accurately on DNA in new breakthrough
An idea that changed the world
Una simulación del corazón 'made in Spain', mejor vídeo científico del año

Spain and Europe
La Europa inservible
Segunda transición

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