Monday, January 28, 2013

Articles and Posts read

Pure possibility
Big Problems, Little Solutions: For the New Occupy, Size Is Everything
Grace Hopper

Learning and software craftsmanship
Ruby Dependencies, Notifications, and Adjustments
Thoughts on "Arguments and Results", Part 1
Preferring objects over class methods in OOP
“The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads”
The Year of the MOOC
Rise and Fall of the Third Normal Form
Quality is Not Job 0xff: There is No Good Enough
A Programmer’s Thanksgiving
Who's Afraid Of Legacy Code?
Debugging Heisenbugs
Some things I've learnt about programming
Programming, Motherfucker
Looking inside the black box
Seams: Some thoughts
Book Club: The Readability of Tests – Growing Object Oriented Software (Steve Freeman/Nat Pryce)
Book Club: Growing Object Oriented Software – Chapter 7 (Steve Freeman & Nat Pryce)
OO: Micro Types
Software Development and Lifelong Learning
Quotes of the day: Constraints on programming
airbnb: Our JavaScript Style Guide
Isn’t It Ironic?

Agile and Lean
Caso de estudio: Como Spotify organiza, de manera ágil, su departamento de desarrollo software

Continuous Integration for C++ using Hudson

Testing JavaScript with PhantomJS

Entrepreneurship and Management
Preventers, Not Managers
Respect and the 40-hour work week
El arte de compartir: cómo conseguir que difundan tus contenidos en redes sociales
La deuda técnica. Todo el mundo debería saber que la mala calidad software al final se paga

Software Development in Spain
El drama de las pequeñas consultoras
La copia de la web del Senado hecha por un programador

The paper was rejected, but do the readers care?
Blind Patient Reads Words Stimulated Directly Onto Retina: Neuroprosthetic Device Uses Implant to Project Visual Braille

Rebooting Spain
¿Dónde está el interruptor de la revolución industrial en España?
Modernizar España

Spain and Europe
Un investigador español agradece en un artículo científico al INEM la financiación recibida
El ataque alemán desahucia a España
El ministerio 'concede' las becas doctorales FPI tras cuatro meses de retraso

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