Sunday, October 28, 2012

Katayuno: "Kata Tennis"

Yesterday I went to a katayuno celebrated in Softonic Barcelona offices.
Katayuno comes from the words "kata" and "desayuno" (breakfast in Spanish) and as you can imagine it's an event where people meet to have breakfast together and practice by programming a kata. This time it was the Kata Tennis.

We had breakfast and then made two iterations of one hour each (45' pair programming with TDD + 15' retrospective). Afterwards we had a second breakfast and made two iterations more.

It was fun. I pair-programed in Php, Java (two times) and C++ with Oscar, Alex, Juanjo and Emmet, respectively. I knew interesting people and learned new things.

Once at home, yesterday afternoon, I redid the tennis kata in C++. Here you can find what I've done so far.

I'd like to thank the Softonic team for organizing this great event.

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