Friday, April 6, 2012

Articles and Posts read

It's been a while since my last record of articles and posts, so I had to left some out of it. If you want to see the whole list, I'm sharing them on Google+.

Adrian Hands, el impresionante ejemplo de un programador que usaba el Morse para escribir código
It is what you do, not what you own
¿Generosidad para cambiar las cosas?

Noan Chomsky: El objetivo de la educación
C. S. Lewis on reading old books
Susan Cain: The power of introverts
Pensar, un trabajo a veces necesariamente introvertido
Why the world needs introverts
No, You're Not an Impostor
Numerous studies have confirmed …

Learning and Software Craftsmanship
Taking a Journey - with Corey Haines (Part I)
Taking a Journey - with Corey Haines (Part II)
Taking a Journey - with Corey Haines (Part III)
Too Much Specialization Is Making Programming a Poorer Experience
Take Control of your Development Career
On Learning
Books Programmers Don't Really Read
Programming - A Life Long Challenge
Tell Above, and Ask Below - Hybridizing OO and Functional Design
Coding: Wait for the abstractions to emerge
Defensive Programming: Being Just-Enough Paranoid
“Being Very Good at Anything Involves Being Somewhat Addicted”: Hard Truth on the Sheer Difficulty of Making an Impact
Pairing is Conversation
4 Reasons Developers Resist Code Review (and Why They Shouldn’t)
Psychology of Tests, Testing and TDD
¿Dejar de programar? Mal!
Not all TDDs are created equal.
Fellow Tribe Members
Code review. Just do it.

Agile and Lean
Compartir la visión de equipo
Occupy Agile
Is Agile Stifling Introverts?

Open Source
Múnich se ha ahorrado 4 millones de euros tras su migración a Linux y OpenOffice
All of Iceland's public administrations moving towards open source

El fascinante caso de dos países que invirtieron en Ciencia
Why It Took So Long to Invent the Wheel
Cómo tirar dinero público buscando bichos en lagos amarillos

Entrepreneurship and Management
Crear una spin-off universitaria. Lo bueno, lo feo y algún consejo
If you don’t have a mobile strategy, you’re probably doomed.
Why I Love Employees Who Ask 'Why'
Don't Wish for Obedient Employees

Spain and Europe
Recorte del 34% en las inversiones en programas de investigación
Recortes en Ciencia + Deudas del fútbol = Vergüenza nacional
Alemania aumentará de manera considerable en 2013 su gasto en educación e investigación
¡Que exporten ellos!
Billete de ida ¿y vuelta?
Lo que significa Grecia
Alarmante Crecimiento de la Pobreza en España.
La sanidad española en tres gráficos

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