Monday, March 16, 2009


Esto es lo que dice el Java Beginners FAQ:
# What is a JVM? JRE? JDK? J2SDK?
* A JVM (Java Virtual Machine) is an imaginary (theoretical) machine that executes Java bytecodes.
* A JRE (Java Runtime Environment) is a software implementation of a JVM and all the standard Java libraries, and other bits and pieces that are needed to make the thing actually work.
* A JDK (Java Developer's Kit) or J2SDK (Java 2 Software Developer's Kit) are two different names for the same thing: a JRE plus tools like the Java compiler, debugger, and other things needed for basic Java development.
* The diagram on this page visualizes it nicely: JDK and JRE are brackets on the left, while the JVM is the blue layer at the bottom.

Al final me descargué:
Java SE Development Kit 6u12 for Windows, Multi-language

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